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The "blue" realm has been the victim of operator error

Status: Pending Auto-Close
Opened: Jul 27 17:58 UTC (8 hours ago)
Last Update: Jul 27 19:11 UTC (7 hours ago)

The "blue" realm for CGI/SSH/PHP has been the victim of operator error.

We are rolling it back now, and the issue should be resolved in a few minutes.

The underlying problem that allowed this to happen has already been resolved.

Sorry for the trouble!

Updated 8 hours, 34.4 minutes ago

For quicker resolution, you can change to the "indigo" realm. It will become
the stable/current (default) realm in the next couple of days anyway.

Updated 7 hours, 59 minutes ago

The rollback is still in progress.

Not-so-fun fact: each site realm contains over 500,000 files.

Updated 7 hours, 23.3 minutes ago

This issue should be largely resolved; we have no errors remaining on our
console. If your site is having lingering effects, try placing it in
maintenance mode for about 30 seconds. Some daemon processes may also need to
be restarted.

Sorry again for the trouble!

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